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Pervis Taylor, III is an award-winning celebrity life/identity coach, inspirational speaker, contributor and author. Pervis is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing. After graduation, Pervis launched his career in New York City, working in the entertainment industry. He spent his early career working and interning for iconic brands such as Def Jam Recordings and the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, also known as the Grammy’s.

Life Coach

Pervis Taylor III is a trained Life Coach who specializes in Career Counseling, Spiritual Development, Dream Development, Team Building, Self Esteem/ Self Actualization and Finding Balance. He works especially with Young Professionals, High Profile Figures and Youth of all ages. His services are available for group sessions, one on one, Skype sessions and executive teams. Please email Principles@PervisTaylor.com for rates and scheduling.
C.A.P.E. Program
The CAPE Program is a 4 week intensive and exclusive program developed by Pervis for individuals who are serious about making their dreams and purposes a reality. The acronym stands for Clarity, Articulating, Plans and Purpose, Execute. By the end of the course, you will have a self-created map of your dream and the steps needed to bring it to fruition. Serious inquiries only. For more information, please email: Principles@PervisTaylor.com.

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Pervis Principles Volume II

pp2coversmallPervis Principles Volume II is the follow up to the international selling book, Pervis Principles Volume I. Described as more in depth than its predecessor, the book, a 31 day journey covers topics from relationships to self-esteem. As with Volume I, the book is mini and easy to carry around. The objective of Pervis Principles Volume II is to inspire its readers to live a better quality of life. Moreover, it allows them to understand the value that God has placed in each human being.


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Pervis Principles Volume I

curvedbookPervis Principles Volume One is the international-selling  debut book by Pervis Taylor, III. A 30-day book of inspiration and life principles, Pervis Principles is a simple yet modern look on the everyday struggles that we face as humans.  A great gift to a young person, or anyone in need of encouragement, Pervis Principles is guaranteed to do the trick!


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The candle in the dark for me has been Pervis Taylor, III. He is a source of light for guided, perplexed souls seeking answers. He has old school values and is extremely adept at helping slay the inner demons one tries to conquer while navigating modern society. In this war called life one needs a soldier like him

Lisa Nicole Carson Ally McBeal, ER, Love Jones

The National Black MBA Association C.A.S.H (LOT) program is a free mentoring program for high-school students with the sole purpose of creating visionaries and preparing them for college and beyond.

On February 5th, 2016 we were pleased to have as our motivational guest speaker Mr. Pervis Taylor III. I met Mr. Taylor on LinkedIn where is daily inspirational quotes caught my attention and I just knew I had to share him with the students. He was very welcoming meeting for the first time in person. Mr. Taylor exhumed such confidence and warmth that it captivated the room. We all felt at home as if we were speaking to a big brother.

The student’s interest was peaked by Mr. Taylor’s life story and his accomplishments. He opened the session with an icebreaker that got everyone engaged; even parents and mentors were getting involved. His speech was focused on self-awareness and becoming emotionally intelligent, urging students to believe in themselves and not their own hindrances. One message that stuck was “happiness on the inside is more valuable than any money you can have”.

Mr. Taylor was a great inspiration to all in attendance and he left us wanting more. I have no doubt that we will be asking him back again to speak to a new batch of students in our next year’s program.
Thank you Mr. Taylor

Molly Creese

Recently I was brainstorming opportunities for the personal development of the young men who are on staff at the DC Trust as Youth Outreach Coordinators. The five young men have joined a team of coordinators that are tasked with the development and mentorship of youth within five key neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. As part of the community development, youth leadership and family strengthening work of DC Trust, the youth coordinators will engage youth in various roles and opportunities over the course of the year. Of course, it is essential the coordinators themselves have strong skills in communication, self-awareness and expression, and it takes a village to nurture and build these abilities among young people who have not always received constructive opportunities to do so.

Naturally, my brainstorm led me to my colleague and friend Pervis Taylor. I connected with Pervis thinking he might be too busy, especially since the last time we had worked together was approximately 3 years ago. Despite the distance and length of time, Pervis was excited about the chance to support me with my endeavor. The hosting of a young men’s emotional intelligence group with the five young men was outstanding! And then later the hosting of a whole team self-awareness and personal strengthening session had me feeling re-ignited about youth work and the talents and abilities of the young people on the coordinator team. Pervis was the best decision I could have made for this particular scope of youth self-actualization and reflection that I needed my young people to experience. I am so appreciative of Pervis’ dedication and honesty in this work. His ability to unleash the beauty of young people is remarkable and is necessary as we seek to create strong environments and societies of empowered young adults. I will be calling on him again soon!

Kerriann Peart Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Over the last several months I have had the pleasure of having Pervis as part of my team at SCO Family of Services Close to Home Program. Within this program Pervis has served as a motivational speaker and life coach to teen girls with developmental disabilities who are placed in Non Secure Placement.

Pervis is an extremely intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated employee and advocate. He is efficient with time management and incredibly organized. Pervis possesses strong skills in both oral and written communication. He is able to maintain positive and effective relationships with the clients he serves as well as peers and administrative staff. Since I have known Pervis he has shown to be a natural leader and an amazing advocate.

In Pervis’s position as a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach he has excelled at engaging very difficult clients and establishing appropriate and meaningful attachments. He is very creative and is able find quick resolve in problematic situations. To say he goes above and beyond would be an understatement. Pervis is extremely goal oriented and highly motivated. His enthusiasm does not go unnoticed and often sparks others around him. Pervis has developed a strong understanding of our clients’ needs and has made substantial progress with clients he has worked with.

I fully support Pervis in any future goals he hopes to achieve and I know without a doubt Pervis will be a catch for any future employers. I have the highest of expectations for Pervis and speaking for SCO, we are very fortunate to have Pervis as part of our team.

Holly Brickey MSW

I reached out to Pervis Taylor for life coaching because I had reached a dead-end in my career and personal life. I knew that I was off-track and I needed someone to help me get off the merry-go-round of low self-esteem, bitterness and low motivation. Through my sessions with Pervis, we identified the root cause of my stagnation. Pervis helped me to realize through our sessions how certain destructive behaviors and relationship dynamics had begun to infect other areas of my life. Pervis pushed me to clean house, literally and figuratively! It was tough facing these problems but Pervis was gentle and at times gave tough love. This tough love required me to step up and take back my life and power. The sessions were the catalyst for me to start embracing, loving and seeing myself as a person of value. I have much farther to go in my walk to being the best person I can be but these sessions gave me a great start. This year I told myself I was going to work on myself and my life coaching sessions with Pervis were the best gift I could have given myself. I would highly recommend life coaching sessions with Pervis Taylor to my friends and colleagues.


Pervis Taylor III is an insightful and passionate speaker. He is both energetic and empowering. He was the perfect speaker for our Peer Leader conference

NY/NJ College Summit Team

My name is Tanya Wilson; I am a Social Work Coordinator at a non-profit youth development agency in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Taylor is a vibrant, inspirational, and motivational Life Coach, Facilitator and Speaker. This summer Mr. Taylor facilitated a group at our agency for high school teenagers called, My Life, My Story. Participants in this group felt inspired and encouraged to share their life story as they instantly felt supported, safe, and protected. Mr. Taylor fostered an authentic, safe, warm, and comfortable environment. In the group, participants openly shared intimate and personal details as trust was immediately established by Mr. Taylor. Participants freely connected and bonded with one another under Mr. Taylor’s facilitation. Mr. Taylor has exceeded our expectations as the love, care, and support demonstrated impacted our youth in life changing ways. I highly recommend Mr. Taylor as he is not only an invigorating and compassionate life coach, but he has the openness, sincerity, and honesty necessary to be an expert in supporting individuals to get through challenging life stressors.

Tanya E. Wilson, MSW Social Work Coordinator

Pervis Principles Book and Life Coaching I will be honest; at first I was skeptical about hiring a life coach, but at the point in my life that I was in, I needed change. If a life coach could give that to me, then I was open to it. When a friend introduced me to Pervis and I found out he was a life coach and motivational speaker, I thought that it had to be a sign from God. He came into my life for a reason. We were meant to meet and work together and towards change. I began classes a skeptic but finished class a believer. A believer in hope. A believer in change. More importantly, a believer in the power of “belief” itself. Through my sessions, I learned how important belief was to my sustainability, my growth and my development as an individual and child of God. Pervis taught me to break down the insecurities that tore apart my mind and held me back daily. Most of all, he taught me to keep going, even when I wanted to give up. Through affirmation and faith, he taught me to believe in myself and my capabilities. I can’t say that I’m back on track with life 100%, but I can say that I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from Pervis and applied them to my daily life. With these principles I continue to grow into the person that I want to be. And that is all I’d ever asked for. Thank you.


A talented writer with an easy, yet intense style, Pervis is as engaging and honest in his work with youth as he is his writing. He is a skilled motivator who reaches youth where they are and helps them to triumph over roadblocks and see their way toward a well constructed and defined future.

Dr. Andrea Rodriguez, D. Ed Community Psychologist, LMHC, NCSP